Saturday, August 7, 2021

The Medieval Speed Shop for all your horse and wagon needs

Dropship to the rescue!

Spending quarantine in outer space

The Hiding of the Druid Shrine

Apprentice of the blacksmith

Build an Among Us character in LEGO and customise them to your fancy [Instructions]

Draw your sword from Fiona’s Forge

LEGO microscale Razor Crest from Star Wars: The Mandalorian [Instructions]

Medieval skyscrapers are the way to go

Finally! A solution to your mini-shooter abundance

The plan to pilfer the potion proceeds perfectly


Save all the bricks and bytes of data by building your own LEGO Floppy Disks [Instructions]

Thursday, January 21, 2021

This is the way, and this is the ship

This tiny spaceship has your back(pack)

How to build your own LEGO snowman [Instructions]

Tiny and tossed about

Build your very own LEGO Grogu’s levitating bassinet from The Mandalorian [Instructions]


Is this Maleficent again or one of her cousins?

Not all bounty hunters are Mandalorians